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Fan Comics in the Library of Dream

Alice's Journey Behind the Moon - Lewis Carroll Art by Todd Klein, Sandman © Vertigo/DC Comics, Inc.

The Lost Road
- J.R.R. Tolkien

The Man who was October
- G.K. Chesterton

Poictesme Babylon
- James Branch Cabell

The Conscience of Sherlock Holmes
- Arthur Conan Doyle

The Return of Edwin Drood
- Charles Dickens

The Hand of Glory
- Erasmus Fry

The Dark God's Darlings
- Lord Dunsany

Love Can Be Murder
- Raymond Chandler

Psmith and Jeeves
- P.G. Wodehouse

You never heard of these novels? You shouldn't be embarassed really, it is because they are novels their authors never wrote, or never finished, except in dreams... They're nowhere on earth, only in a very unusual library... "somewhere in which can be found every story that has ever been dreamed".

I had the pleasure of being referred to by a comic scholar friend to Neil Gaiman's Magical series the "Sandman". I remember when I was reading the "Season of Mists" (Sandman Vol 4) I was fascinated by the idea of this fantastic library, though at first I admit I felt ashamed for not recognizing any of the aforementioned titles...

Then it just struck me. Not only can we never visit Morpheus' palace (without the use of some heavy shit substances, which btw I highly discourage...) but our good friend doesn't seem to have that many comics there either!!

Instead of trying to get there... why not do him a favor instead?

Deimos Fanthology  is an invitation to all dreamers out there who always wanted to create a story that was never written by the original author. The power of passion surpasses that of profit. Hence the non-commercial spirit of this endeavor is its mightiest promise. Honest non-commercial fan art-fiction is the sincerest exrpession of love to an existing universe.

The true question is... what's your edge? Story writing or illustration? If (like me) not both then simply hook up with another community member of the opposite skill to create a fan art comic story on your favorite universe. Your creation will be... the stuff of dreams!

So let's add some comics to our friend Morpheus' collection!*

Demosthenes Daskaleas
Deimos Comics

* Actually making these fan comics results in removing them from Morpheus' library, because he owns everything that has been thought of --BUT-- never gotten around to being actually written... So by creating them they are no longer the stuff of dreams anymore, right?? Well that's just a "Big Bang" geeky-argument technicality and hopefully you got the whole point!

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